Tandonia totevi (Wiktor, 1975) (Pulmonata: Milacidae) in Bulgaria and north eastern Greece. Redescription.

Ulrich E. Schneppat, e-mail: ulrich.schneppat@bnm.gr.ch

Bündner Naturmuseum - BNM, Masanserstrasse 31, CH-7000 Chur, Switzerland

Dilian G. Georgiev, e-mail: diliangeorgiev@abv.bg

Department of Ecology and Environmental Conservation, Faculty of Biology, University of Plovdiv, Tzar Assen Street 24, BG-4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Ivailo K. Dedov, e-mail: idedov@gmail.com

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - BAS, Central Laboratory of General Ecology - CLGE, Yurii Gagarin Street 2, BG-1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

Günter Wondrak, e-mail: won-ibis@gmx.eu

I.B.I.S. Institut zur Erforschung Biologischer Informationssysteme, Grossenegg 23, A-9111 Haimburg, Austria

Fabia Knechtle, e-mail: fabia.knechtle@geos-gmbh.ch

GeOs GmbH, Consultants in Ecology, Nature- and Landscape Protection, Steineggstrasse 23, CH-9113 Degersheim, Switzerland

New materials of Tandonia totevi (Wiktor, 1975) from Bulgaria have enabled the authors to prepare a detailed redescription and to distinguish the species from those from southern Greece which have been confused with T. totevi for almost 30 years. From the southern Greek Islands, the Peloponnese and the island of Euboea at least three more species need to be described and discriminated from T. totevi. The spermatophores of T. totevi from Bulgaria are described here for the first time, as is an intra-integumental glandular secreting organ of unknown function. The first description of spermatozoa of T. totevi is included. The first photographs of living specimens and the first observations on the behaviour and ecology are provided.

Key words
Tandonia totevi; Milacidae; slugs; Bulgaria; Greece; anatomy; redescription; biogeography; ecology

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Folia Malacologica (2011) 19: 225-248
First published on-line: 2011-12-11 00:00:00
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