Similarity, diversity and equitability of snail communities in lower mountain zone in the Tatra Mountains

Anna Dyduch-Falniowska

Research Centre for the Protection of Nature and Nature Resources, Ariańska 1, 31-512 Cracow, Poland

The malacofauna of 24 localities in the lower mountain zone of the Tatra Mts. includes 61 species. The richest communities have a high species diversity H’ and a moderate equitability J’. Communities of a lower species diversity H’ and of their equitability J’ similar as that of the former ones inhabit biotopes with limited food and habitat resources. A very low species diversity H’, along with extremely varied values of equitability J’, is characteristic for communi­ties inhabiting biotopes whose conditions are unfavourable for snails.

In the discussion on the structural parameters of the snail communi­ties in the Tatra Mts. and their qualitative similarity, connections between communities of the same kind appear several times. Qualitatively similar communities show similar structural parameters. A clear structural similarity is marked also when extreme qualitative differences occur. A strong pressure of natural and/or anthropogenous conditions results in the formation of communities of extremely distinct species composition.

Key words
malacofauna; species diversity H’; equitability J’; synanthropisation; qualitative similarity
Folia Malacologica (1988) 2: 7-28
First published on-line: 2016-12-30 00:00:00
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