Two new species of Clausiliidae (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) from Yunnan Province, southern China

Jozef Grego

Horná Mičiná 219, SK-97401, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Miklós Szekeres, e-mail:

Institute of Plant Biology, Biological Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Temesvári krt. 62, H-6726 Szeged, Hungary
Zoology Department, Hungarian Natural History Museum, Baross u. 13, H-1088 Budapest, Hungary

Formosana renzhigangi n. sp. and Serriphaedusa (Gibbophaedusa) gerberi n. sp. are described from Yunnan Province of southern China. Additionally, new occurrence records of Papilliphaedusa kunmingensis (Chen et Zhang, 1999) are provided. The composition and diversity of Yunnan’s Clausiliidae fauna, its relation to those of the adjacent zoogeographic regions, and the taxonomic status of the native genera Formosana Boettger, 1877 and Papilliphaedusa Nordsieck, 2003 are discussed.

Key words
Phaedusinae; taxonomy; zoogeography; endemism; East Asia

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Folia Malacologica (2019) 27: 315-320
First published on-line: 2019-11-28 00:00:00
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