A sinistral Helicopsis cf. instabilis (Rossmässler, 1838) from Romanian loess

Barna Páll-Gergely, e-mail: pall-gergely.barna@agrar.mta.hu

Plant Protection Institute, Centre for Agricultural Research, Herman Ottó Street 15, H-1022 Budapest, Hungary

Yunus Baykal, e-mail: yunus.baykal@geo.uu.se

Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University, Villavägen 16, 75236 Uppsala, Sweden

Thomas Stevens, e-mail: thomas.stevens@geo.uu.se

Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University, Villavägen 16, 75236 Uppsala, Sweden

Daniel Veres, e-mail: dsveres@gmail.com

Romanian Academy, Institute of Speleology, Clinicilor 5, 400006 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Ulrich  Hambach, e-mail: ulrich.hambach@uni-bayreuth.de

BayCEER & Chair of Geomorphology, University of Bayreuth, 94450 Bayreuth, Germany

Here we report a single sinistral juvenile shell of Helicopsis cf. instabilis (Rossmässler), which was found in the Urluia loess section in south-eastern Romania. This 860 cm long profile comprises the last ca. 45 ka. Approximately six hundred conspecific dextral shells were found at various depths of the same profile.

Key words
chirality; reverse-coiled shell; Geomitridae

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Folia Malacologica (2020) 28: 91-93
First published on-line: 2020-02-28 00:00:00
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